Loyalty Points

We really value your business at Ken’s Beijing, and therefore we’d like to reward you every time you make an order with us.

How do I get loyalty points?

After you’ve registered on our ordering website all you need to do is make an order and you will automatically accumulate loyalty points that you can spend on future purchases.

How much are my points worth?

You will receive 5% of your order value back in loyalty points. For example if you spend £20 you will receive 1 point. Each 1 point you accrue is worth £1, which you can use as part or full payment on your next order.

How do I spend my points?

You must firstly log into your account on our ordering website. When you’ve finished selecting your dishes and are ready to pay, tick the Loyalty Points box first. This will apply the loyalty points to your order before you make your card payment. It’s that simple. However if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hello@kensbeijing.com.

Can my loyalty points be used with other offers?

Yes, your loyalty points are separate and therefore can be used with other deals and coupon codes.