food photography

My stomach rumbles as I adjust my lens, click, click, click. This is just the third dish, there’s still six more to go. The food is still warm even after being in my car for an hour.

Every dish on our menu is meticulously photographed in its true and genuine form. The trick is to capture the colours, shapes and textures as accurately as possible so when you view them on our website, your taste buds are already tingling. The only editing we do is a quick tidy up of any splatters, some exposure and colour adjustments so it looks accurate on your screen.

I’m sure you’ve seen videos of the behind-the-scenes of food photography, where inedible substances are added to the dish to get the perfect shot. None of that happens here, because once the photo shoot is over, we take out our chopsticks and feast.

One of our visions for Ken’s Beijing is to create a truly transparent Chinese food outlet. What you see is what you get! We don’t use stock photography for our menu nor do we airbrush your favourite Sweet & Sour Chicken. It’s just plain and simple.

Disclaimer: Images are not just for illustration purposes only and are pretty representative of each dish.


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